Don't Just Sit There, BUY NOTHING!

Here's something we can all not do: buy stuff! How brilliant is this? For one day (23rd of November in Canada and the US; 24th of November internationally), BUY NOTHING.

Don't go to the mall, don't fill up your car, don't pick up a cup of coffee on the way to work, and don't get groceries on the way home. Use what you have at home or do without.

It won't be hard, I promise. In fact, you will feel hugely contented and smugly superior (you're allowed this one time). Or maybe you will just feel like your neighbour down the block feels every day - the one who has no choice but to buy nothing because she has nothing.
So please, buy nothing on that November day (and any other day you choose). But do think about what it means to live in an overfed, overpampered, overstimulated society. Talk about it with your children, your friends, your coworkers.

Don't you love this? All you have to do is NOTHING, and bam! you've done something!

Une idée de génie - Pendant une seule journée en novembre (le 23 en Amérique du Nord et le 24 pour le reste du monde), n'achetez absolument rien. Rien: ni le journal, ni un petit café, pas d'essence et pas d'emplettes non plus. Aidez cette journée sans achat à faire boule de neige, parlez-en avec vos enfants, vos amis, vos collègues. Petit à petit, on peut tout changer, promis-juré.

For more info/Pour plus d'infos: http://adbusters.org/home/ - This is where I got these gorgeous "posters" from. They are free to download, print and distribute. Wonderful.

Miss me? I missed you too - Sorry I've been incommunicado for so long, but I loved all the personal notes and the affectionate wishes sent my way. I promise I will be making it up to all of my friends (bloggers and civilians) very soon.


Debi said...

Hellllllllo Rimmmmmmmma! So glad to see you back in action. We have missed you and the joyful addition you are to our worlds. (I got your email and will send a reply tomorrow hopefully.)

I'm down for Buy Nothing Day. Friday (the 23rd) is a huge shopping day here in the US, being the day after Thanksgiving and so many have that day off. The malls are packed to the gills with consumers. Me, I have "participated" in buying nothing that day many, many times in the past. ha

Instead? I think I'll stay home and get started in earnest on making my handmade Christmas gifts.

Thanks for putting out the word for this alternative -- and eco-friendly -- pact. Hey, maybe we could play a game of Scrabble some time that day, what do you say? ;)

Rima said...

You're on, Soul Sista! I've been thinking on inviting you and Bobbie to play on Facebook (easiest venue), and here you beat me to it!

Don't you love BND? We've been doing it for many years (mostly before paycheck day, haha) - but seriously, I think it's a bit of a wake-up call for many. Boxing Day after Christmas is our big shopping day here - so hopefully, we'll also be reminded that we probably have more than enough already on that day too.

I'm going to create a couple of posts on hand-made holiday presents - we love making those, so maybe we can do a swap of ideas on our blogs for one day soon (still waiting to get my new scanner and printer - extremely frustrating - and yes, I'm aware of the irony, but I did try to get along without replacing them for a while now, and it's just not working out).

Andi said...

Hi Rima! Glad you're posting -- I missed you!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

of course this all depends on which side of the retail fence you are sitting...as someone who is placing her exquisite mandala greeting cards in stores for the first time this year, i have a bit of a different perspective :)
nice to see you back, missy.
~sue okieffe

dianeclancy said...

Hello dear Rima!!!

OK - I will buy nothing that day ... I don't most days ... so that is easy (I hate shopping!)

But a great idea.

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

So glad to see you posting again dear Rima. We missed you, I missed you.

I will participate too. We have too much of everything in this country. The big carts are rolling and Christmas shopping has already started in earnest. But I will not be part of this feast of materialism on this one day, I promise. Let's stick our necks out and don't join the throng this year!

Yes, I'd love to play scrabble. But be gentle, ok?

Frances said...

Yay you - love it and so glad to see you back in harness - tee hee.
Get cracking, girl.

Neda said...

I love the idea but you know I am a shopaholic :) Honestly, this is fab concept because Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year here and it is absolutely maddening! Rima, I love the red poster on the right..do you know the artist who did it?

Love to read your blog again...I am the one who is behind on posts now...grrr

Joy Logan said...

This is way too easy for me. I don't like shopping period but to me that is the worst day to go out of the house! It's insane! We as consumers need to make a mark and this is a good one. Those damn gas prices!

Jin said...

I love BND! but what a difficult way buying nothing in a whole day!! même pas un petit café au bar du coin? dur dur pour moi qui trouve toujoiurs mille prétextes pour descendre dans la rue (je vis à un 6ème étage)!!

je ne connaissais pas cette "célébration" mais je promets d'essayer, je crois que c'est un excellent exercice de discipline et de prise de conscience.

merci, Rima, d'être là à nouveau!

bises, plein...

Rima said...

MG: pas d'exceptions, meme si le petit cafe du coin n'appartient pas a Starbucks!

And of course, aside from BND, everyone go look for Sue's and Diane's work in retail shops and buy as many as you can afford!!

Kris Cahill said...

I'm already planning a whole day of NOT shopping Friday, as I have many times before. It's a beautiful day to relax and do my own work. Perhaps make myself something new to wear, or actually begin the many gifts I want to make this year.

Debi said...

So....how did everybody do? Any pangs of regret?

I do have a little regret -- the regret that I hadn't picked up some cat food before Thanksgiving day, and so today absolutely, positively had to buy more. I even went to the Dollar Store (the Dollar Store, Rima!) and bought -- I swear -- just the cat food. Just cat food even though they had isles and isles of Christmas stuff that I haven't seen before.

dianeclancy said...

I didn't go shopping on Friday and I was delighted. When I saw the pictures of the mobs ... I shudder!

But I might have picked up something if you didn't say NO, Rima - what power you have!

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

I think we have a similar society like that in Europe, if not, we are quickly becoming like that. People shop for the sake of shopping. I try not to shop every day, I can't afford it. I go to the store three times a week, that is supposed to be my limit, but I don't know if I can stick to my own rule. I realize that I am very much a consumer, although I am one with a small wallet. I think would should make more effort ourselves about spending money unnecessarily. So much of it is wasted on quick coffees and muffins and donuts and big Macs and sandwiches.

Ciao, Rima, good to see you!