Darling Doily

(This post by Neda)

I think I am turning into a domestic diva of sorts. My new experiment does involve a kitchen item but it is not edible, more like a feast for the eyes and the crafty soul maybe.
(Darling Doily - N. Doany©2007)
My newest creation was borne out of rummaging through the dreaded stuff-everything-in-it kitchen drawer. As I was tossing old fridge magnets and countless twisty ties, I came across a tattered doily paper, the kind used for decorating birthday cake trays. For a minute, I considered it tossing along with the ex-residents of the drawer. But I hesitated. I never met a piece of paper I didn't like. So, I took it to my studio to neatly shelve it in my box of found treasures. But, the temptation was too great, my head was already buzzing with an idea.

I cut parts of the doily with scissors and glued them over a little drawing I had already started that morning. I painted over the doily pieces with Golden Acrylic fluid.

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