Sketch in the afternoon

(Hubby sent me this from his sketchbook)
Geoff and Rudayna's house is a very colourful place. Lots of interesting elements meet you at every angle you turn.
On a cold February day while the kids were playing and everyone else was working hard to make lunch, I snuck away to the couch and spent a few minutes
doing a quick sketch with pen and ink. I didn't have my favourite Ackerman pen at hand, but used a plain Pilot Fineliner that I had handy. Back home I added colours (as I remembered them) and diluted the pen lines with water as well.

(R&G - F. Barrage © 2007)

In reality, the red wall is a much richer red almost tomato coloured and lovely. It would have tipped the balance of the drawing though, so I made it paler.

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