A Big Thank You and An Even Bigger Apology

I want to thank all the wonderful artists who have created something for Blog Action Day. More on that tomorrow.

And a profound apology for not keeping up (especially after nudging everybody into action kind of hard). All the artwork that I have received will show up on the website, promise, cross my heart, and hope to ... uh... trip and fall - and with the proper acknowledgements and links to your various sites (and info about purchase too for those who chose that). I've just been a little overwhelmed by other stuff around here at Casa Insanity. Hopefully, things have started calming down, and I can create web pages that will upload correctly.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

We love you and you are a fantastic person!! Did more people than Susan and I send in today? Hopefully things will calm down a su casa!

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

Don't worry about us, we are fine. You take care of yourself and your life first. Life is like that!

Jin said...

dear Rima, je ne comprends pas trpès bien ce qui est arrivé (à toi ou chez toi)mais j'espère que tout rentrera dans l'ordre très vite et très bien

hugs for you

Neda said...

It's okay. We forgive you...for now.nyah nyah nyah :)

Frances said...

No problem. Lovely card by the way. Anyway we know you are Sooper woman and will get
it all up and done in plenty of time. Don't worry - no pressure, really - but you can do it and we all know you can, so we will secretly be expecting you to deliver.
Tee hee LOL

Frances said...

BTW - what is the 'Art at Play' section going to be? looks intriguing.

belinha said...

I have a collage for yourcall on Blog Action Day!!!Are you having problems with your site?Just do a slide show like I did for my Algarve photos!Anyway don't worry!:-)I'm sending yoy the file and I will upload it on my Papelustro tomorrow...Big hug!