Random Thoughts and Irreality Bites

My blogger friend Andi has posted this video clip on her blog. It has nothing to do with art, but everything to do with beauty - more accurately, the contemporary twisted perception of it.


Whether you are a mother or a father with young girls, a young woman yourself, or neither, don't think that the crassness of the beauty/fashion/diet industry doesn't affect you personally. It does, if only because it reflects the desperation of a society gone mad with the obscenity of greed and the perversion of reality. More on this subject later. Maybe.


Bobbie said...

Wow, I was so impressed with this clip. All girls should watch this, starting at an early age. The market targets them younger and younger it seems.

Beverley said...

This encapsulated very well the way young girls are bombarded at a young age by unreal touched up images by the beauty industry, making them feel a failure if they don't match up. It is highly cynical capitalism at work. I like the Dove campaign for real women. They have slightly tubby (ie normal) models in bra and knickers splashed all over the billboards, as opposed to the washboard stomachs and bottomless models that you so often see. Actually, the latter images are very anti-women as women are naturally curvy and rounded if they are healthy.

Apropos of nothing in particular, I also like Dove soap, which is lovely and creamy. We had free samples of it when I had Jack so the smell always has associations in my mind with that happy time.

Jin said...

j'adore l'orientation de Dove dans ses publicités: ses femmes mûres sont tellement belles... pourquoi nous obstinons-nous à être immortels, quite à ressembler à des poupées de plastique? ce monde est en train de devenir fou dangereux!

Andi said...

Thanks, Rima, for drawing more attention to this video. I am so impressed with the Dove campaign and how it celebrates authentic beauty, not the manufactured stuff you see on TV and in magazines. I hope my daughter will grow up knowing that there are hundreds of things that make her beautiful, and most of them have nothing to do with the way she looks!