Laughter Being the Best Medicine

If you've been around this blog long enough, you've probably read about my friend and niece-in-law Hala's latest bout with leukemia. Since she never does anything half-a**ly, like her fantastic catering service Cocoa & Co, Hala launched a hilarious, witty, poignant and inspiring blog entitled "Halakemia" - a lebano-franco-english diary of her journey to recovery.
Inspired by Barb's last fun portrait of Hala, this is my take on Hala's latest baldie-portrait challenge. There's still time to join in the fun, and you can send Hala* or me your fun creations, you have until Sunday. Next week, all the portraits will be displayed on a "wall" in my gallery.
Love and laughter, faith and strength: This is what I think of when I think of you, darling Hala, you tough cookie you.
*Hala's email address is on her blog


Frances said...

love this. I have sent Hala a couple and hope to do another tonight. I like your way of changing the context, I stuck to just deleting the background, but your idea is GREAT - will look for some other interesting situation for her hairdom.

Hala said...

Hey girl,
u r unbelievable!!! It's de-lovely! I got some other amazing pix but I am keeping them as a surprise till you and I complete the wall and post it. I hope they remain a 'unposted" till then, but it's gonna be so tough to choose! hey, do u want me to start sending u the ones i receive so that we (yeah, we, sure!) can have a headstart?
oh and frances, ur 3rd entry doesn't seem to be opening chez moi. could u pls resend. tks. yalla. tata.

Bobbie said...

I laughed my fool head off over this one...can't wait to see the wall!

Hey, some folks just have creativty pouring out all over them while I still struggle trying to get the first "draft" But I will have my entry in by the deadline or drop dead trying :)

Debi said...

LOL. LOL. and LOL.

You are nut, Rima. The whole thing cracked me up this morning. My cat is
looking at me like I've lost my mind.

It will be fun to see all the entries. I suspect my cat will be completely disgusted with me.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

This is great!! I am still working on mine ... trying to get the time ... only until Sunday??

~ Diane Clancy