Basic Books

I love books. All kinds, any kind. I find them to be the one constant in life - everything else changes, but a favourite book is always a wonderful source of comfort and pleasure.

I will be adding a new folder to my gallery website, dedicated to art books we like and recommend. Meanwhile, here are some basic technique or reference books and book series I find reliable and a better read than others.

Lorraine Harrison's Artist's Materials: All the Materials You Will Ever Need to Make Art : a good basic presentation of all kinds of different art materials. It's not all-encompassing, since no one can reasonably do an exposé of every single use and/or availability of every single art tool, but this book does give you a good basic list to help you make some decisions at the art store.

The Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques is part of a series of art technique books. The series itself is mostly hit or miss (mostly miss), but I kind of like this one for a younger reader. It explains clearly and visually some basic ways of using coloured pencils, and gives some ideas on how to work on pencil techniques. Since I haven't yet found a book I love unconditionally for this medium, this is the one I would recommend borrowing from the library.

Another series is the Teach Yourself Visually: this one, I highly recommend, whatever your interest may be. I really like their basic Photoshop manuals as well as the ones in other fields of interest (like the TYV Knitting, it's great).

On the fundamentals of art and painting, Charles Dunn's Conversations in Paint is a terrific addition to any library. This is more than just a basic tome, it really is a pleasurable read - a keeper.

Stay tuned for more in the new year.


Bobbie said...

Rima, I'm looking forward to seeing more books, especially about art. These are very interesting. Do you think the CS2 book is too elemental for me now, or would I benefit? I have CS3 coming in the mail and I'm hoping it will be here on Christmas eve.

I want to wish you, Fawzan and your lovely family a Happy Holiday and an even Happier New Year!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

This is a great idea! I love books too ... I have so many of them ... I too see them as such companions ... though I think blogging as taken over some of that energy for me.

Have a great holiday - all of you!

~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

I think this is a great idea, Rima. As we know I'm a book collector too and art books are ones I'm especially fond (frequently that's because of the retail sticker price I paid, yikes).

Already I'm interested in the first book you listed. Since I'm on a book-buying moratorium, and will only break that vow under very special circumstances, I wonder if I asked you about a few things if you could tell me if they were in the book.

Hope you and your family are having a glorious Christmas Day!

Bobbie said...

Rima you have been tagged so PLEEZE come to my blog for the details! I miss you and your smiling "face".

marianne said...

I love books, but I have difficulty reading so these learn so these teach yourself visually....books seem ideal to me!
Your apples are very nice!