Not Too Late for DIY Redux

This one's for all you skeptics out there, who do not believe that something can be home-made (or home-assembled) and compete with store-bought "stuff".

Here is one of my small gifts, comprising of:
  • A cute mug (from Michaels- cost: around $3 with coupon and tax)
  • A cellophane bag with a silver twisty and filled with my Chai concoction (cost: around $0.50)
  • A printed recipe (no real cost)
  • Assorted gift-wrap trimmings (cost: around $0.10)
Grand total: $3.60. It did take me a while to get it done - the tea prep, the wrapping, etc..., but I think it looks nicer than a lot of similar things I've seen around the stores. So? Not too bad, eh?


dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

Very nice!! Looks as good as many I have seem around. And you get to have supported handmade instead of the silliness of so much money!

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

Yes, a very nice gift and the cost is extremely reasonable. Would be perfect and happily received by anyone. My favorite part? The attached recipe card, it makes it so personal, like a little of yourself.

LostLuggage said...

I think it is EXCELLENT! I love the fact that you included your "RimaTea"! Very special.

Debi said...

I agree with everyone here -- this is a splendid gift and I like it infinitely better than a Made In China doohickey. I agree, too, that the card with your recipe and graphics makes it even more personalized.

And dare I say that you could cut even more cost of this Dee Iye whY present by picking up cute mugs on the cheap at thrift markets and charity resale shops. They always have a plethora of them here, practically wanting to give them away. (50 US cents is the high end.) Might be something to think about during the year, rather than in December, though.

And for those of you that have not tried Rima's Chai recipe, you are missing out! A half gallon of milk usually lasts me long after the expiration date. Not this time -- more milk is on top of my grocery list -- by golly I'm buying a whole gallon, too.

Fawzan Barrage said...

The best part of this project for me is that I am going to get to enjoy the Earl Gray tea leftovers! Hehe!