Mama's got a brand new bag?

Baggy Tag, Digital Drawing - © R. Koleilat, 2008

A handbag meme from Andi's new blog where I have to list the contents of my handbag (this is what happens when you're felled by a bum knee, you dream up more blogs and memes).

Since Andi was a good sport on the book meme, I will be one too - even though I really should be working instead.

Be grateful that I am sparing you details on lint and cookie crumbs, and list only objects larger that a chocolate chip:
  • A bottle of Tylenol Quick Release
  • A pair of tiny scissors
  • An empty gum wrapper (not mine)
  • A toy from an unidentified fast food joint
  • A tube of lipstick (a tube of lipstick? when did I buy this one? what a weird colour...)
  • A pen, a pencil, 2 permanent markers, half a silver ballpoint pen with a logo on it
  • A $5-off coupon for a Cranium game (ah, goodie - activity idea for tonight)
  • The other part of the toy from the unidentified etc..
  • An empty zippered pencil bag
  • A tiny sewing kit (almost intact)
  • A button (mine)
  • 2 silver rings (from before I had to wear gloves to step outside)
  • An American penny
  • My huge and ugly black wallet (hint to hubby: let the kids choose my mother's day present this year)
  • An empty bottle of hand sanitizer
  • A receipt from the chiropractor (first session last Friday - apparently, I have a very unstable spine. Now that would explain the excruciating pain between the back of my head and my knees)
  • My dead cell phone
  • A green "green" zippered bag ( I usually forget to put it back and end up going home with plastic bags anyway)

I feel like tagging .... you! If you want me to, that is.




Andi said...

Love it!

Bobbie said...

I am truly amazed at this stuff, the bag itself must be a wonder to hold all this stuff. I do hope it is the bag pictured as it is just wonderful. You have such talent, Rima, and I wish for more.

Frances said...

I thought it was a handbag, not a portmanteau - LOL

The Artful Eye said...

Crazy, groovy handbag, love it!

My nickname is "Two Bag Shakur"coined by my husband. That should say enough.

Bev said...

I like this. The creative mother's handbag. You've got lots of pens, ideas for activities and hand santitiser because you care and know what you are doing.

Joy Logan said...

WOW Rima that is adorable. That could be fun to try out! How big is it?

John said...

Lovely image - if you carry less, your back will hurt less - thanks for the co-pay.

Please make an appointment for next Tuesday. Wait, I will be golfing that day.

I have nothing in my handbag. Nothing up my sleeve either.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

This is fun!! I will do one right here ... I don't use pocket books or bags ... so I am already done!

~ Diane Clancy

deef said...

Tu ne passerais pas la douane avec un sac pareil ! lol
Ton dessin-tableau-collage numérique est splendide : tu devrais te lancer dans la réalisation de sacs de création... Moult mercis pour tous les ti comments sur mon blogue (pour info, si, j'ai connu les shadoks, mais c'étaient des rediffusions, j'avoue ;))

Fawzan Barrage said...

Well good at least I can't be tagged on this one LOL.

PS: I love your new bag.

bmtyson said...

No Keys!? They must be lost somewhere in the nether region of your bag - like with my wife.

Wanted you to know I moved my site. You can now find me at www.creativecogitations.com And I promise I'll have a new post in the next day or two.

John said...

I miss your writing and then deleting comments on my blog.

Great game of for me of Paranoid Concentration.

All mice dead. American cheese is safe.