Another Side of Wissam

(Sensations sur ma ville © W. Beydoun)

Wissam Beydoun is one of my favourite artists. Not only because we're family (par alliance) and I've known him, like, forever, and he's really cool and a sweetheart - but truly because of the dizzying, emotional, startling punch of his artwork.

A lot of his latest work screams about the raw, unbearable pain of being human. But some of it has the whimsy and fun of his youthful past as a cartoon artist and illustrator. To wit, this textured collage entitled "Sensations about my city". Can you see the urban jumble of an old neighbourhood?

There's a lot more that I'll be showing shortly on the gallery site as soon as I finish rehauling the whole dang lot of it. Which, by the way, is why I've been slacking off here - not enough hours in the day to take a break here and do the other stuff I need to do.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

I was deeply moved by your comment on my blog, and then just as delighted by the colorful context on your blog..playful, joyous, fun...a great way to start my day. And even more synchronous, our mutual subbing at about the same time. Thank you for everything!
I'll be back...

Debi Cates said...

I've had a difficult time deciding what comment to make here. You said it best; I was struggling because Beydoun's art depicts the "raw, unbearable pain of being human." It's hard to write about that sensation his works invoke.

Not all art is about what to hang in your living room. Some art is about what hangs on your soul.

dianeclancy said...

I also was moved by your comment at Sue O'Kieffe's blog, so I came over to see yours. Also, I know you are Neda's sister and that is a good reference.

I too like the fun look of your blog.

I will came again.
~ Diane Clancy

belinha said...

Hello Rima!Thank you for your words!:-)The Witch is second in Children Imaginary theme.As for the final results we must wait for now.The organization is checkinf for fraudulent votes and if they find it proposals will be removed...Have a nice Sunday!

Francesca said...

Thanks for the visit Rima and for your comments :)
This is such a fascinating piece, I looked at it for a while before I realised it's not a 3D construction. It certainly carries a lot of power and also feeling for place. Great work!