My Very First

Here it is, my very first collage. Looking at all the amazing work by Neda and Belinha, to name only two artists I love, I got the itch to try it myself.
Hold it, I know, it's not a very good collage, and it's not even a "real" one - no glue, no paper, no cutting or tearing. Just my little mouse and me. I used digital pictures of various things (a wooden ornament painted by my then 2-year-old, portions of different images I'd created for something else).
(Suburbia Sunset Un - R.Koleilat©2007)
On the left is the the "collage" with no effects added, and on the right is the "stylized" one (I used the cutout function in Photoshop).
(Suburbia Sunset Deux - R. Koleilat©2007)
Dunno, I guess I needed to play a little today, having spent the last few days obsessing about a logo design for a friend. Stretch a little. Yay.


Neda said...

Hey sis! You're putting me to shame. I don't know how to do any collage without a pair of scissors and a glue. Pretty soon, you'll be the collagist in the family :)

Neda said...

It just dawned unto me (took me a couple of sdays)...what do you mean it's "not a real collage?" Of course, it is! What constitutes a collage, huh?

Rima said...

I've been trying to come up with an answer - but I think I'll have to take my time with this. Thanks for giving me an idea for a post!

Debi Cates said...

Yay Rima! Congratulations on your first adorable collage. What a wonderful idea -- collages that can be remade over and over again, plus no messy glue or fly-away snips. Question: do you plan to print it out?

Rima said...

Oh, no! this was just an exercise in futility. I just wanted to practice on Photoshop, and see if I could express something a little complex using a naive style. I kind of like the second version, but, strangely enough, it's making me more interested in trying my hand at "real" assemblage/collage rather than the other way around. Funny, eh? There must be a lot more satisfaction in touching and glueing than cutting an pasting, if you get my meaning (how weird was that last sentence). Ok, I'll stop now and go get some coffee.

belinha said...

Hello, hello!Personally I like to feel the papper and the scissor in my hands!I think it's funnier and more relaxing than using the scan and Photoshop.And I do love Photoshop! But sometimes I get tired of that fan(?) noise, you now. I work in a laptop.It's a bit annoying to ear that vvvvvvvtvtttttttt all the time!:-)Have a nice weekend!

dianeweb said...

This is a fun image! Thank you for sharing it!

~ Diane Clancy