When In Doubt, Adobe

Ever since I started this blog a whole 6 weeks ago, I've taken to scanning every s*crap of paper I draw on - just in case I find some use for it. Like those days when I can't bring myself out of the fog to do something creative (did everyone answer Neda's question yet? I'm still thinking about that one).

I'm still discovering this miraculous tool for illustrators and others called Adobe Photoshop. I still haven't peeled off more than a few tiny corners from this huge treasure map of techniques, but here's one (awful but useful) drawing I've been using to experiment with different effects. So far, this is what I've come up with - yes, yes, I know, it's very ugly, but think of the infinite possibilities with this really cool tool.

I started with watercolour and dry pencils and ink on heavily textured watercolour paper (first mistake), then couldn't figure out what to do with the background and ended up with a mess. Then I used the smudge, image attribute change, texture and extracting tool thingies on Photoshop to see what would happen. Here are the 4 versions I've come up with so far (the blue is the original, the rest are Adobed).


Neda said...

You are wayyyyy ahead of me, sis! I like the original drawing and the last one in the right-hand side corner (maybe because I like bold colors and defined shapes). How about you offer a step-by-step basic intro to Adobe for the rest of us? Pleaaaase?

belinha said...

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Neda said...
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Neda said...

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