But Will It Go With My Couch?

Never fails. Every time I mention that I have an online gallery and that I sell "real" artwork from "real" artists, the dreaded question comes:
(Le monde du silence © I. Algranti)

"How do you know what to buy when you're buying art?" (a question I actually like better that the assertion that usually follows: "I'm looking for something that will have the same colours as my living room furniture").

How do you buy art? Do you buy something that stirs you? Something pretty? Something that might as well have the price sticker still on it? A "conversation piece"?

My sincere answer always is: "Buy what you like" - and I mean it. I believe that even if you "don't know what you're doing", or don't have a trained eye (or much... what's that word? oh, yeah, taste) - and whether you're aware of it or not - when you acquire something not intrinsically functional to display in your own personal space, you inescapably have an emotional investment in that object.

Something has drawn you to that particular sculpture/painting/monstrosity - it "spoke" to you, it made a connection with you... it "picked" you. Like a pet.
(Tattoo © M. Hallab)

So "buy" and cherish and display and be proud of what you like. And remember that whoever created the piece that you chose poured their heart and soul into it. Cherish that too.


Neda said...

Rima, you have written a very insightful post.Not only are you a wonderful curator but, more importantly, you understand the very soul of art and artists because YOU ARE ONE too. I am so glad to be your sis.

belinha said...

Hello!You're in a lovely business.Several years ago I used to hang on at some friends Gallery. They sold good art, for example, Amanda Passos, famous portuguese painter I love, but also art from not so well known painters in the region.I loved beeing around.If I had a lot of money I would buy a lot of paintings. I would skip the furniture...

belinha said...

Let's hope the link works!

belinha said...


Sorry for the previous "invisible" link!This one MUST work!
Armanda Passos is quit expensive artist and a good investment.I'll never be able to buy it.But I fell for it at first sight.But sometimes the same thing happens when I meet a painter in the street.I follow only my taste.

Neda said...

There is an English version of the website you referred to. I love the graphic compositions of the artist. Quite a good collection.

Debi Cates said...

Rima, you are so right and I bet when someone purchases from you, you wash their worries away.

Belinha I love your attitude...skip the furniture, just have art!