Ornamental Art

(Circle of life pendants - Léon©2007)

A mutual friend introduced me to Léon’s work. Léon is a jeweler and a craftsman who lives in Lebanon. He fashions these retro-looking chunky jewelry out of stainless steel, silver and gold. They reminded me so much of a flower-child sensibility, that I gave them these names and others, like Moon Hoop and Magic Circle.

They are extremely reasonably priced for artist-designed, hand-made jewelry (a lot of these pieces range between 25 and 50 dollars US for stainless steel). Léon works on commission as well. I’ll update this space with contact information and to show more pictures.

(Willow, Cosmos - Léon©2007)


Audrey said...

I LOVE THEM! They are wonderful. Does he ship them to the states? I might need to purchase one from him. =) (Or two)

Debi Cates said...

I love those pendants! It doesn't hurt that they remind me of the quasi-organic-simple things we used to wear in the 70s, either. And I love it that this is an artisan in Lebanon. If you come across more, I hope you'll please share them with us.

Rima said...

Thanks, Debi and Audrey, fellow esthetes with excellent taste! I do have plans to show more artisanal work here and in the gallery, so stay tuned!
I will be updating with Leon's contact info. and show a couple more pix. He definitely ships all over the world with the usual international shippers (but he only speaks French, Armenian and Arabic - for English, just go through me).