Water on the go

This terrific idea was given by Barry Lindley

It's hard to find a suitable water container for outdoor watercolour sketching . Most commercially available containers either have to be placed on a flat surface, or be hung from an easel. If you are outdoors and can't find a flat surface or a place to hang your water container, you're out of luck. You have to balance your container somewhere close by to your work surface - and often-times disasters follow.

Necessity being the mother of invention, Barry Lindley came up with this great contraption while sharing a few ideas in the FA-Watercolour group:

By affixing a small, round magnet to the bottom of a transparent 35mm film canister, you can create your own portable water container. The magnet allows you to place the canister securely on the face of a metal watercolour box. While you may tip the canister and spill the water yourself, it is unlikely that the canister will fall of its own accord.

I tried this nifty gizmo with a lot of success. I recycled an old fridge magnet, glued it to the bottom of a Fuji canister with superglue and took it for a test drive. It worked great. I actually made two of them - one for cleaning the brushes, and another for fresh water for colours (first picture above). Thank you, Barry, for a great idea!

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Debi Cates said...

All these clever ideas coming from y'all makes me wish I, too, did plein air watercolors!