We're Such A Punny Bunch

Well, three days into this migraine-induced haze, this is all I could come up with – a post explaining the name of this here blog. (Hmmm, still in the realm of “what does it all mean…”. Bizarre, bizarre, as Louis Jouvet would have said).

So, why MaraZine? Well, this blog does have pretensions to be an online magazine of sorts. But what about the Mara part? Oh, so glad you asked – MaraZine evolved from our online art gallery,
Maraya Galleries, thus named by taking the first syllables of our collective brood’s names and coming up with this lovely, musical monicker that means “mirrors” in Arabic. I later found out that there is an actual calligraphic style called Maraya, or mirror writing – even more appealing.
Since I love a good play on words (which someone once dismissed as a lazy person’s facile humour – absolutely correct and I am the queen of laziness, witness this lame-o post), I couldn’t resist “MaraZine” – you see, not only is it a clever reminder of Maraya (aha!), but Mara also means “woman”, or more accurately “broad”, in very colloquial Lebanese. Deliciously silly.

Let’s hope the fog lifts up soon and some creative juices start flowing again…

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Debi Cates said...

Wow, Rima, that's a cool tale with lots of bits of serendipity, which is always a good thing and which, I've noticed, frequently goes hand in hand with a creative person's life.

And I learned a little Lebanese, to boot! ha