Scrapbooking is like Cooking*...(or why I suck at both)

(Blank Canvas - N. Doany©2004)
1. It looks easier when someone else is doing it
2. You need to be organized to do it
3. You need to follow specific instructions
4. You have to use the appropriate ingredients/materials
5. You have to use them in a specific way and order
6. You have to buy and learn how to use all the tools
7. You need to learn the proper terminology
8. You need to pretend to understand the proper terminology

9. If you mess up, you can’t go back and fix it
10. If you do try to fix it, it turns out worse
11. You have to be good with numbers
12. The result is not always what you hoped it would be
13. You can’t eat at least one of them (both, if it’s my cooking)
14. Somebody always has some comment about it
15. You have to pretend to like doing it
16. You have to be in the mood to do it
17. You have to follow safety measures
18. You really can’t be sloppy
19. You can take a class but it requires time/money/and true dedication
20. You can’t keep up with all websites/blogs on the subject
21. Both activities will negatively influence your girth
22. If you become good at it, you will let it rule your life
23. You could involve the kids and/or hubby, but at your own risk
24. And the worse part: you always end up with a big mess!

* With sincere apologies for all you great cooks and scrapbookers...


Rima said...

Aw! c'mon - you don't suck so badly at scrapbooking...

Debi Cates said...

LOL Rima. A very funny article, Neda.

I too have purposely stayed AWAY from scrapbooking. Like I need even more little scraps of paper and little tools with little pieces that need little storage bins in my life.

Neda, is "Blank Canvas" your artwork? WOW, I LOVE IT! It just knocks me over with its bold colors and grievous expression!

Rima said...

Some of my best friends are scrapbookers, so I shouldn't say anything - sometimes I do envy those pages where one picture looks so precious and meaningful. I just can't wrap my mind around sitting down to do it and not be overwhelmed by the zillion memories that come flooding out of every box of uncatalogued photos. Let alone picking one and making a "pretty package" for it. Same for the Super 8 mm films, video tapes and dvds gathering dust somewhere in this mess I call a house.

Audrey said...

I actually enjoy scrapbooking. I don't, however, enjoy all of the frivolous stuff. I went to a craft store a few weeks ago to check out scrap booking things, and they've come out with these crazy staples. They are decorated, and have words imprinted on them... but they are staples. Very expensive staples! I huffed and puffed, went home and managed to use just what I had... construction paper, tissue paper, crayons and the cards my family has sent to me up here. I think it's turned out pretty well. =)

Audrey Bugg
(Debi's youngest daughter)
hope you don't mind that I posted. =)

Neda said...

Hi Audrey! Thanks for comments. I saw these staples too and I really did not know what they are for. I also keep promising myself that I will learn someday about these little cute coloredmetallic eyelets...Do you know what they are???