Hanging Art

Thanks, everyone for patiently waiting to see our Great Wall of Bathing Beauties - there's some really cool work that's been done. What imagination, people - you amaze me!

Here's my bleary-eyed contribution:

Cameo, Digital - ©R. Koleilat, 2007

Comic Book, Digital - ©R. Koleilat, 2007


Frances said...

I love the swimsuit. It looks lovely on her. She looks good in pastels.
will enlarge the other one and have a good look.

Debi said...

I love seeing the wide variety of creativity you inspire in us all in one place, Rima. I know I have had a great time with these workshops and best of all have really learned from them, stretching myself, and always hoping to please Teacher. ;)

I adore the comic effect you did! Do tell us how!

Bobbie said...

Gosh, Eliza really did go through a transformation didn't she? All the different interpretations are truly amazing and a tribute to you for inspiring us to greater heights! Wonderful and so much fun!

Bobbie said...

p.s. When I saw your and Neda's contribution I immediately thought: Who did that, I missed it before. Love them both and so nice being acquainted with such creative sisters!

Frances said...

Yay Neda - lovely!
The wall is great, Rima.

Rima said...

thanks, everyone - I still have to add Joy's Old Pisa Door, it's great.
Sorry about not including my steps, even I don't follow my own rules, silly me. But I have to admit after midnight, I don't think very clearly.
I'll post the steps tonight and also the create-your-own-brush/pattern step.
More coming!

dianeclancy said...

This looks great. I have done at least 15 of them so far but I don't like any of them enough to share. Is there still time?

This is great!
~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

Diane! 15? and you haven't shown us any? are your standards too high, or this image not too inspiring? ;-)
Take all your time, I'm still posting new entries for the Old Pisa Door! Our new friend Joy is just getting in gear!

Beverley said...

It has been very interesting seeing the different interpretations of one image on all the different blogs, and watching the creative process.

dianeclancy said...

Who knows whether it is standards too high ... or whatever!! I will try to pull stuff together tomorrow on both images ... (the last 2).

Thank you so much for doing this!!

~ Diane Clancy