Time Well Wasted

I made this handsome demotivational poster at www.despair.com
(bird pic from wetcanvas.com)
You can create your own too, just follow the links!

Andi had a post about this hilarious website, a geeky and witty take on the ubiquitous, mediocre, and gag-inducing motivational industry posters and cards.

Since I am at the bottom of my creative cycle (meaning my mind is an abysmal blank), I think it's only fair to share these fun sites with you. After all, it's right there in my header, the bit about "fun finds" - so why should I be the only one here spending endless hou.., uh, minutes playing online?
So, in no particular order of preference (all games are free if you play online):
  • MSN Games has a new version of Scrabble here
  • Speaking of Scrabble, a legitimate cheating tool is available on the official website here
  • My all-time favourite time-waster is Alchemy (here)
  • Of course, it would be unforgivable not to mention the grande dame of all dilatory games: Bejeweled2, equally favoured by 7 and 47-year olds (or 48) in this household
  • Finally, since this is supposed to be mostly an arts-oriented blog, and since the original Miltos Manetas create-your-own-Pollock page doesn't seem to be functioning, here's another smaller scale one created by an artsy blogger here

Have fun, folks - and if you have any suggestions for wasting even more valuable minutes with silliness online, by all means, don't be selfish, share with the rest of us procrastinators.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

Great references ... when I can, I will check them out.

Sudoku is my passion!!

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

Sudoku is way too smart for me!

Frances said...

No it isn't Rima, I can do it, I LOVE Sudoku and you are much much much cleverer than me (isn't that what you said?)so of course you can do it.... LOL ;-)
and it wastes loads of time. I do the Daily Sudoku I like Kakuro too, but haven't found any difficult ones online. tee hee. Loved the poster thing by the way.

Rima said...

Great pic, Frances! and what I said was: I'm an idiot, can't do it. And Kakuro? fuggedaboutit, no way, no how, can't do it. Nope. Mindless stuff only. The more mindless the better. I'm trying to kill off as many brain cells as I can, not create new ones.

Bobbie said...

Rima, Rima what am I going to do with you? You are B.A.D., very B.A.D.! Go outside and get some fresh air!

Sweet Irene said...

Ha ha ha, demotivational poster indeed, I think that could be quite motivational. I like your wicked sense of humor! It's so nice and Monty Pythonesque.

Beverley said...

This made me laugh because I genuinely thought you had created another picture but got a surprise when I read the caption. Nice one.

Miss Frugality said...

Hi Rima,
Great poster.It made me laugh.
Thanks for visiting my blog and linking to the Jackson Pollock creator.I wish I could take credit for creating it...but I found it at http://www.widgetbox.com
There's lots of other fun things you can add to your blog there too.
All the best,

Neda said...

I had so much fun creating posters than I couldn't sleep...creating in my dreams. Too much fun.

So that's why you are winning at scrabble on line hum.....

Anonymous said...

A good laugh is never a waste of time!! Love your poster!