We Can Do It Together/Ensemble, on peut tout changer

Thanks to Jin for turning us on to this very worthy cause, and to Neda
for coming up with this terrific challenge -
Merci, Jin et Neda
Time to get those creativity muscles in gear, folks.
This challenge (this time I am calling it a challenge) is in honour of BLOG ACTION DAY, which will take place on October 15.
This time, I am not giving you a specific image to work off of, nor am I asking you to practice your digital image manipulation skills. You can if you want to, but you don't have to stick to that one venue.
The rules are simple for this Action Day Challenge:
  • Come up with an image to promote the environmental cause of your choice.
  • Write one line of text to accompany your image.
  • Any artistic medium can be used: you can do a painting, a collage, a photomontage, anything that you feel comfortable with. These are only suggestions, not guidelines.
  • Submit only ONE entry please. Seriously, I mean it this time. Here's why:
  • Once an entry is received, it will be displayed on the home page of Maraya Galleries, in a slide window. (This is a lot of work to set up, and I want to be able to do it before the 15th of October, so have a heart, people, send me your best one, don't ask me to choose for you - this one will be for all to see, not just the blog readers)

What are you still waiting here for? Go on, gather your materials and your best ideas and get going with this - you only have 17 days left and counting. Oh, and remember to tell your friends about this too - bloggers and non-bloggers, young and old, everyone is welcome.


Frances said...

Wow - that is a challenge - scary

Bobbie said...

That's my Rima. I was just thinking that I wish you would do another one and voila,here it is! My mind is just bubbling!

Jin said...

formidable ton appel, Rima! dès la semaine prochaine, j'aurai un peu plus de temps et je me mettrai sérieusement au travail. merci de diffuser ça et de lui donner encore plus de sens. you are wonderfull, indeed!

Neda said...

This is great. I am going to post the call on my blog and everyone ought to do the same, if they'd like. Looking forward to seeing the art and doing something meaninfyl. Thanks, sis!

Rima said...

Thanks, dear sis - doing something meaningful would be just as nice too - nyahahah :-)

Beverley said...

I've done one today, and will scan you the polished result before October 15.