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"At the bar", Digital - ©R.Koleilat, 2007

Since I've started using Photoshop a few months ago, I've been befuddled and intimidated by a lot of the more advanced features - like layer masks. I never understood how this worked until Sue O'Kieffe very generously demonstrated how easy it is (once you know what you're doing that is). I really couldn't believe I would ever use this layer mask feature before I read her clear, complete and straight-forward post.

This is what my first application of Sue's Photoshop tutorial. I used these two images (the original photograph is from wetcanvas), and followed clear Sue's step-by-step. I even used all the tricks she talks about (X and B and [ ] *).

All through this exercise, I used different brushes and the airbrush tool, changing the opacity and the pressure of the brushes, until I liked it the final effect.

I then flattened all the layers, and applied a few more artistic filters. Easy peasy.

Try it and see for yourself.

*don't know what I'm talking about? Go read Sue's post about it.

(Texte français suivra bientôt)


Sue O'Kieffe said...

Dear Rima,
Knowing that you were able to make sense of my tutorial means more to me than any repetitive superlatives you could ever utter.

And stay tuned for another tomorrow.
~Sue O'Kieffe

Sue O'Kieffe said...

oh yes, i love the effect you created as well, of a graphic blended with a realistic photograph. wasn't that fun to play with?

Frances said...

Nice one, fooled me - I thought you had painted it... oh well... but it is lovely all the same. I am beginning to wonder how many of the beatiful prints I see in the shops actually have any original painting...

Rima said...

Thanks, Sue - I meant every word. Me, who hates instruction! But you made it sound so darn easy, I had to give it a try, and wow! Thanks again

dianeclancy said...

This is great, Rima - great that you did it and it is a fun image!

I am still trying to get to your challenge.

~ Diane Clancy

Julie said...

Wow- your photo looks great!!

Bobbie said...

I can't stop playing with photoshop long enough to do Sue's steps but I am going to do them tomorrow. That is after I mow, lean the chicken coop and finish my laundry...arrrgghh!

Bobbie said...

p.s. I forgot to say what a lovely image. So artistic and all photoshopped :)

Neda said...

Hey sis, it's really great. you know what Plato said? art is an interpretation of an interpretation of 'reality.' So, who's to judge. No need to apologize for creating such an amazing interpretation (love the top one very much).

Beverley said...

I knew that artists painted from photos but never never knew you could do it the other way round. The ballerina has the effect of being superbly drawn or painted, worthy of va Vinci himself LOL

Sweet Irene said...

Rima, you are fabulously creative and smart! It must run in the family, having all those talents laying about. Could I be adopted by any of you? Lol. (I'm only kidding a little bit.)

Francesca said...

Woot! I'm really a photoshop dunce so this is great! You've done a beutiful job on the picture, I'm going to have a go at Sue's tutorial too :D

Sweet Irene said...

Rima damn it, do you have to be so good at this? How do I get over my irrational fears of layering and masks and not have anxiety attacks when I think of them? Never mind, I'll just be good at making kaleidoscopes and other such things. You are good and a real artist and I am glad that you are making such progress in your process of understanding the systems. I too will do that one day, when I am sufficiently calmed down again by my Oxazepam no doubt!

Rima said...

Irene, don't think of them as layers or masks! That'll turn it around for you.
Think of them as two transparencies that you're laying on top of each other.
Do you remember when we were kids, we had those colouring books where you only needed a brush and water to bring out the coulours?
This is a little bit the same thing, but with two pages instead of one. What you're doing is bringing out the parts of the two images together, and the brush is like that water-filled brush from your childhood.
If you think of it this way, it might click for you and you'll be able to read the instructions - I know how you feel, believe you me - I get buzzing in my ears and I feel like I'm being tortured if I have to learn a skill like that. But Sue's explanations are really, REALLY clear and straightforward, honest.
BTW, I did find a PaintShop Pro link for you, didn't you see it a while ago? it's in this post:
have to rush now so i'll write more detail later - if i don't drop dead from exhaustion that is

Sue O'Kieffe said...

I shall have to go give sweet irene a word of encouragement. It took me quite a long time to understand the concepts of layer masks, but once I did - woohoo.
Just dropped by to let you know that I am posting part 2 of the yesterday's tutorial tomorrow, instead of waiting until next Sunday. I know you couldn't wait (and I didn't want to forget what I had done)
~Sue O'Kieffe

Debi said...

I love "At the Bar"! Techniques are wonderful to learn -- and thank you to both you and Sue thank you for sharing -- but it is ultimately it is the talent that makes it worth doing. Rima, you have that in spades, dear. Love it!

Frances said...

So where is our homework, Miss?

Rima said...

Uhhh... homework? Did I mention homework? Does it count if I did it on your blog and not mine? hehe... It's coming, I just need to write down something legible - and I had another migraine yesterday night, so everything went out the window.
excuses, excuses, i know..