Joining In the Fun

La Baigneuse - © Jin, 2007

Untitled - © J.Logan, 2007

I haven't updated my links yet, but two of the amazing women I've met through this fired-up artsy-fartsy blogosphere sent me their contributions to the Old Door and Bathing Beauty Workshops. Go check their sites in the meantime, you'll be bowled over like me (Julie hasn't sent anything but I don't want to wait until I update the right-hand column here).

Julie's Land of Lost Luggage - Yes, she's as witty as her blog title
Joy's This Joy of Arts - Brilliant collages and musings
Jin's À propos du sable - An exquisite visual artist, friend of Alfonso Brezmes (need I say more)

J'ai encore beaucoup de détails à finasser dans ce blog, y compris le gros boulot d'ajouter les textes en français et surtout pour rafraìchir mes links. Et trouver mon dictionnaire, héhé...

En attendant, je présente les contributions de deux nouvelles amies dans cette fofolle et fabuleuse communauté d'artistes-en-ligne que nous avons créé ici. L'exquise Jin a créé cette superbe baigneuse pour l' atelier digital de Bathing Beauty, et Joy cette porte ludique pour l'atelier Old Pisa Door. Julie n'a rien envoy&e;, mais elle est craquante dans son blog et son art.


Julie said...

Thank you, Rima :) I could never imagine being able to make a digital picture like you guys are doing...but- for you, I'll mess around with one later and see what I come up with.

Julie said...

Ok- go easy on me...this my first photoshop experiment!!


Frances said...

Wow, Rima
You are getting so many people energized.
These are great and I like Julie's too.
so many artists. The Web is full of them.

Bobbie said...

I think this challenge yourself workshop is taking on a life of it's own, Rima. I agree with Frances, you do energize people. Everyone enjoys it so much, especially me. I am off in Photoshop now trying this and that. Now, Frances and Irene have me enthusiasticly trying and trying to make a mandala.

Rima said...

Thanks! I really wish I couldtake credit for all of this, and believe you me, if I could, I would. But all I really did was ask if you guys could come out to play!

Alfonso Brezmes said...

Rima: you and your sister must have some kind of kriptonite in your meals... For me is just so difficult to follow you two... In any way, stay brilliant: the world needs people like you.

P.S: thank you for the indirect clin d´oeil in your post.

Sweet Irene said...

Rima, you bring out the best in us, you make us want to try harder, that's a gift, treasure it.

Joy Logan said...

BLUSH! Thanks for that comment I needed it this past week. Rima you all make us inspired to play,thanks for that.

All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic said...

Dear Marazine, I found your blog through your sisters blog and I cant remember how I found hers.
Anyway I love what you're doing with photoshop - looks great!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!!