All You Have To Do Is Try

Not one to follow any rules, not even my own, I've decided to display all of Irene's contributions to the Door project, not just the 3 I limited everyone else at. No fair, I hear everyone crying, how come she gets more?

Settle down, kids - First of all, I really couldn't bring myself to pick and choose from her work. Second, you have no idea how happy I was when someone who says she's a total digital art novice decided to join and came up with ALL OF THIS! Kind of like how I felt with Bobbie and Frances and the lilypad.

I have to be true to my heart: Irene is hereby getting unfairly rewarded for a) being fearless, ; and b) showing us some kind of incredible imagination for a supposedly non-artist.

So here it is, the completed wall with everyone's weird and wonderful creations. I haven't finished reorganizing the website, so you can't click around in there to find our workshops yet - link directly to that page here. Enjoy!


Debi said...

I don't begrudge Irene the preferential treatment. I'm happy she found us (and now we have found her). I love her fearless spirit and I love your embracing way of making each of us feel special and encouraged.

Frances said...

I would be shocked if anyone did think it wasn't fair. Irene took the door further and has developed her ideas - her blog is fantastic, so what is to complain about. Atta girl
Irene is wonderful.
You're not bad yourself, Rima.

Rima said...

I was kidding, you know that, right? This is what you get when you're trying to write with two kids fighting in the background:"I was here first!", "Naaahh, I was!" "No fair, I amen't kidding!" "You're a booby poopy poopoo!" "Maaaammmmyyyy! She said I was a poopoooo!" "I didn't! I said you were a poopy booby poopy poopoo!" and so on, and so forth.

Neda said...

Open Doors of Perception. Congrats to Irene for leaping into the unknown and succeeding beautifully! Congrats to Rima (like Debi said) for being the nurturing and inspirational person I've always known her to be. Congrats to all of you for coming forth with your creative energies, your honesty, and most of all, the incredible offers of your friendship.

Now that I was polite....Boohooo, Irene did better than me, Maaaammmmmmyyyyy :)

Frances said...

We weren't being po-faced, I was taking the mick - sorry, ma'am - I don't really think you're a termagent. However, if we really are doppelgangers, then you must constantly be mistaken for one.
Neda made me laugh so much. Sisters! nothing like them! LOL

Rima said...

ter•ma•gant (tûr'mə-gənt) Pronunciation Key
n. A quarrelsome, scolding woman; a shrew.

adj. Shrewish; scolding.

—Synonyms 1. shrew, virago, harridan, scold.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

ladies! ladies! come now.

It is so much fun here, and I couldn't be happier for sweet irene, for she is a brave and curious woman. (and a virgo to boot! i knew there was something i liked about her)

and bravo to you, rima, for being so derned encouraging!! here here


Bobbie said...

I love Irene's images and am glad you posted more. I somehow missed one or two of them and so I got to see them here. I do hope she does more as I find them so interesting and creative. Rima, thanks for running this show...you are grrrrrrrreat!

Sweet Irene said...

I am more then honored. What can I say? They are just humble experiments and little attempts at being as artistic as all of you are. I am in good company, don't forget that! I am looking forward to the next project, when I hopefully will master Paint Shop a little better. Thanks Rima and also thank you for the great salmon recipe at the Blue Bird Café.

Suzan-- said...

Hello!! Way to go Irene!

Rima--I didn't know that 1)you like antiques--and 2)liked children's illustrations. I have some fantastic late 1800's children's prints (from books--but they are amazingly beautiful)--I would be glad to send you a few--just send me your address--

I am completely happy with copies of them--so you are welcome to the originals.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I haven't blog surfed enough to get around--sorry about that!


Jin said...

All you have to do is try...

I like very much this phrase. I think we could apply it to the whole life and think our existence is a game only, unique and wonderful, and nobody can play for us (do you understand mi bad bad bad english?).
the only condition in this game is to put a great heart in all things we do