Summer Kiss-Off - Digital Art Workshop 3

" Bathing Beauty" - from www.wetcanvas.com image library

Despite my best efforts to stall, summer is almost over. I didn't do 1/3 of what I promised myself I'd get done. Wonder if I can cram 2 months worth of work in 5 days?

So here is a befitting kiss-off to the hazy-lazy and decidedly crazy days of summer: a bathing beauty waiting to be reinterpreted in our Digital Art Workshop series.

Since I'm in ultra-slacker mode, I won't rewrite the supposed rules for your participation. However, in case you'd like a good laugh while completely disregarding them, you can still find them here.

To see the previous workshop results, click here and here.

Good sailing everyone!
(and while you're at it, check out hubby's poetry challenge - there's a prize!)


Frances said...

ooh were there rules?
will have to look them up again. All I remember is at least 4 stages, or something like

Rima said...

See, I knew no one ever reads what I'm writing. That's why I put graphics, to get people to visit.

dianeclancy said...

But, but, but ... it can[t be the end of summer ... it is still June I am sure ... and I haven't finished working on the last image ...

oh, alright, you are the workshop manager for now so I guess you can decide *smile*

OK ... well, I love that blue-green in the ocean already .. and others' interpretation has encouraged me to break the mold more - to now worry about making it look like it is related!

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

Like I've said before: extra points for broken rules and cheating, class!

Frances said...

I'm finding it difficult to do anything too radical with a human being in the centre of the pic. Isn't that strange? It seems like a portrait - she seems vulnerable.

Bobbie said...

You are so funny, Rima. I'm glad to see this challenge because I've been honing my skills and waiting for it. he he. These challenges have been so much fun and I've had a great time with them. Now your hubby wants us to write poetry too? I'll get so danged creative that they might run me outta Texas!

Rima said...

Frances: I'd say you didn't do too badly! but you;'re right, i've hesitated for a long time before deciding this was it. I did chose a pic that didn't show a face, seems much easier to fiddle with and not feel too guilty. the other option, which i may do next time was a beautiful sculpture in a garden - so the human figure but no identity/humanity.

Bobbie: I think we're feeding off of each other - the more you do, the harder I want to make the workshops/exercises. so don't get too good 'cause I won't be able to catch up! they won't throw you out, they'll throw you a hootenanny!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i will play when i regain use of my brain and eyes. i left you a comment on my blog, too.

Debi said...

Sunday night, past midnight. Arg! But it was (as always) fun, fun, fun. Thank you again for the challenge, Rima.