Frustration Update

No luck on the web editor front, still not able to upload anything. Plus my second printer is kaput.

I really wanted to provide a link to the completed Lily wall, and a good start on the Door one, but short of smashing my computer (a colleague used to call it a confuser) against the wall, I'm stumped. It's obviously going to take still longer to see a refurbished Maraya. I'm looking forward to building a much more interesting site, with a lot of reference materials, and hopefully more workshops and more artwork. Fun, fun, fun. Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.
Meantime, I did the last version of the Door (previous post) late last night, I was kind of groggy and forgot the steps. There weren't that many anyway, and most of them are uninteresting:

- I drained the colour, then did a tan-ish duotone, then went back to RGB.
- I also used the Cloud (or was it Difference Clouds) feature in the Render Filter in low opacity in Overlay (I think).
This sort of washed-out quality is not hard to achieve, and you can experiment until you find an effect you like.

Now for the interesting part: how did I put that light in the window? Easy peasy. I used the Lighting Effects option in Render - to illustrate, here's a quick example (disregard the esthetics, focus on the tutorial please)

Image 1: Plain

Image 2: Lighting effect applied in Flood Light Style, Spotlight Light type with a yellow hue

Image 3: Flashlight, Omni , white hue (I used something like this for the window light effect)

Try it with anything you have - lights on, lights off. On, off. On, off. On, off. Hehe.


Frances said...

I like that
It offers some exciting ways of adding perspective and mystery to photos. I will try it myself.

Bobbie said...

Sort of like on-off, on-off? No, really thanks for posting this I enjoy seeing what you do with photoshop.

Debi said...

Wonderful tutorial!

I'm sorry to hear you are having computer problems. Are you using FTP to transfer to your site? Are you getting error messages? Have you talked to your web service people? (I've been in computer support for 23 years. Can you tell?)

Rima said...

Thanks, Debi! I'm more esthetically ambitious than technically capable unfortunately.

I've re-intalled Front Page (which is fairly easy to use for the website), so that fixed some problems. Now that Zan the Man is back from Vancouver, I can put him to work on figuring out what to do next to upload to the website. I'll even make him breakfast.

I'm so excited about the new pages I want to add to the website, I can't wait to show you.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

your use of lighting is really intriguing. i'd figured out the light in the window but not the other part...well done