Better Late?

Smile - ©R.Koleilat, 2007

I'm always trailing behind. I've always been the last one out the door, the last one to walk into the restaurant, the last one to hand in the assignment - and now I'm the last one to catch up with everyone else online.
I know this little mutual-admiration society of ours has already moved way past all the well-deserved pats on the back - especially the really prolific artists who seem to have a fire in their belly and, thankfully, cannot slow down the creative flow or the rapid-fire posts (you know who you are, Diane and Neda and Sue)... but I'm still here, distracted by summer days, hubby's vacation and toads in the creek (see Fawzan's lovely watercolour of yesterday's park visit here).
And now that I've finally gotten around to it, a round of applause for me too please as I proudly display the following award logos generously bestowed by Neda and Diane respectively (they like me, they really like me!)

Find out who created these awards, and why, here.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

ohhhh i think spending time with toads in the creek sounds divine, simply divine...

Neda said...

Better take your time than be a ditz like me :) Congrats my love.... Is this who I think it is (or a combo of both older and younger version)??? Wow! Striking resemblance.Nearly gasped when the image was "unfolding."

Rima said...

This is a picture of Miss Tornado taken at your house, so about 1 1/2 years ago - she looks like she's twenty instead of 6 in it

Neda said...

I thought it was la coccinelle whom you know so well. Wow!!

dianeclancy said...

Well, you deserved these awards!! You are quite a friend and thoughtful person!!

~ Diane Clancy