Top And Tail - 2 Things challenge

Can I still participate in an old 2 Things Challenge? My friend sent me these pics of my cat and her kid, and they're too perfect to pass up. I know, talk about not following any rules: not only am I ridiculously behind the times, I'm also using someone else's photographs. But it is MY cat.


Audrey said...

haha... That's too funny. =) Very appropriate though =P I still need to find something for it. Today seems like a good day to carry around my digital camera.

Frances said...

Lovely - such a sweeeet couple of pics

Bobbie said...

Hey, I'm way ahead of you...yours looks like a pitiful attempt since you had to use someone's elses work. lol!

Seriously, I've been busy and, as usual, have my ultra-long task list for the weekend. I'll be posting something soon, I promise!

dianeclancy said...

Very cute pictures!!!

~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

Kid and kitty, what could be cuter?!