Bloomin' Marvelous

I still have a bunch of lilypads to post here and on the "wall", one from Audrey and a few by Diane, but until I do (and I will, be patient - I work slowly), enjoy this funky bloom by Debi:

SoulSista Lily - © D. Cates, 2007

Debi's steps:
I used the circle selector to select spots all over the non-flower part of the image.

And then I gave it a "Twirl".

I selected water pieces using the magic wand and gave them a "Ripple."

I doctored up a few of the obscured waterlily petals with paint and smear. (Not as good a result as I would have liked.)

And, I think that's it. I was inspired by Frances' 70s Slick Lily.
Well, I'm inspired by all of you - this has been fun, and for the sophomore project, I'm looking for something a little more difficult to work on. Tune back in...


Bobbie said...

I'm just in awe of all the different expressions of the same lily. Even hanging on the same wall they are unique and alike at the same time.

Neda said...

You go-go girl! Very pschydelic!

Neda said...

oops!how do you spell it and where is my cooffee???!

Frances said...

looks great - it gives the effect of a flower in someone's curly hair. What is our next challenge?
My fingers are itching. Also - where are the good sites? I found one with loads of vintage pics - trying to find out whether it is really copyright free.

Rima said...

Coming soon! I still have to finish uploading all the images you've sent (stop sending them now, I'm having a nervous breakdown - nah, just kidding). Then I have to find the right image for what I have in mind. Patience... it might actually be worth the wait... ;-)

Sue O'Kieffe said...

the liquify filter might be interesting to try too...

dianeclancy said...

Hey, Debbie

Great job!! I like it.

~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

Man, have we had fun, or what?

We can be a hand full, can't we, Rima? ha ha ha

Whenever the next one comes, we'll be here. Take your time.