I See Cacti People

Debi has turned us on to Picnik, a terrific online, free site for editing pictures and general goofing around. In answer to her last post, this is what I saw...

I had forgotten my password (you don't need to sign in to play with Debi), and this is the quote they sent me with my new password:

"Better by far you should forget and smile than you should remember and be sad."
- Christina Rossetti.


Debi said...

Girl, you make me laugh!

I love your cactus peeps. They are stinkin' comical! Tell me you made yourself laugh, you must have.

And the people at Picnik must be pretty good-natured as well from several things I've seen there. The first time you load it, during the progress bar they give you lots of happy thoughts, like "flying kites"...."buttering bread"...

Debi said...

I'm still chuckling. I love it that you gave them arms.

Rima said...

I was beside myself when I saw what you did! And you're so good at it, I first thought they were carved on there, not digitally doodled.

I love the Picnik website - they really are very sharp-witted as well as terrifically easy to use. Fun, fun, fun.

Thanks for a good start to my morning.

Frances said...

It is great - because it encourages real childishness and we mature ladies need that a lot.
Loved the arms - at first I thought they were wearing glasses on strings... some of them are very lovey-dovey... the two heads are interesting, aren't they?

dianeclancy said...

I just went over to Picnik - looks cool. I will check it out more later.

Who claims to be mature? My age may be mature, but I am not sure I am!

silly cactus. (that is a compliment not an insult in case you were wondering)

~ Diane Clancy