Random Knowledge and Useless Information:

Chartreuse green (the colour) is named after the liqueur created by the French Alpine monks, les Pères Chartreux.

quatre, sept, onze -
©R. Koleilat
In the 18th century, a Chartreux monk from the famed Farina family of perfumers, created one of my favourites, the "4711".
There are also very gentle, beautiful, blue-grey cats with golden eyes that are called Chartreux. They were brought into and bred in Europe from Syria.


dianeclancy said...

Now I am move through my day with confidence since I am now armed with important info ...

Interesting image.

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

No wonder your nickname growing up was "encyclopedia." I thrive on useless info...keep it coming :)

Got My Kids Mississauga said...

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Bobbie said...

This bit of random knowledge and useless information is my cup of tea and you have made my day. Thanks!

Bobbie said...

I had to find out about the famous farina family and Eau De Cologne and 4711. The only thing lacking, and most important, is the scent...wonder what it smells like?

Frances said...

I remember 4711 - that used to be the only cologne I ever saw in Libya - it was also popular here in UK when I was a kid and you used to be able to get refreshing wipes with 4711 in little packs. Come to think of it I think I've seen it in the local pharmacy here, so it is still around.
I love that, so what brought it to mind today?

Rima said...

Thanks, Anne! I'm really looking forward to meeting you sometime as well - and of course I'd love to network! Mississauga moms (and dads), check Anne out - follow her link! I've been looking for what she has to offer ever since I moved here. 'Cause I've got my kids, see...

Bobbie, it's one of those timeless scents: citrus, sandalwood is what I smell/remember in there. Pause to go check FragranceNet.com, and sure enough: citrus oils lemon & orange, light floral rose, and sandalwood oil is what they have on there. I find it very similar (in personality) to Ô de Lancome, which doesn't have sandalwood but has bergamot. That one I wear always (when I remember to comb my hair and get dressed that is).

I have no idea what made me think of this - I think it started with trying to remember the word "chartreuse" which I can never remember, because the liqueur is yellow and not green. Go figure. Then I thought, I'd better check if I'm right about the colour - then there was a mention of the perfume on the Chartreuse Liqueur site (it's multilingual at http://www.chartreuse.fr/ ), which made me all giddy.

Frances, I saw it for sale in Montreal a decade ago at the drugstore as well and at drugstore prices, meaning it wasn't even behind glass. Cheap or inexpensive? Anyway, I have to go look for it, I'm obsessed now.