Why I Miss Living in Montreal So Much

Sigh! Isn't this just so... This is St-Eustache, a small town not too far from Montreal and it's typical of those "discoveries" one makes in this corner of Canada.

Saint-Eustache Flower Shop - © L. Jabry, 2007

This charming photograph was taken by my old friend (and talented photographer) Louie Louay, who used to sit on the schoolbus behind me and lend me his Agatha Christies. Centuries and many universes ago.

On another note, I'm still not done going through the Lily Pad images that I've received - man, you guys are good! And prolific... Just taking a break ... still haven't finished my new book, so please don't tell me how it ends.


Bobbie said...

What a nice photo of the flower shop. It looks like the kind of place you could walk in just to look then come out with a bouquet of flowers.

Frances said...

Doesn't Toronto have the same pretty city life? Come to think of it - what is Mississauga like? With all this art and culture, we have no idea of your realities. I imagined you were near the lakes and had beautiful landscape and pretty places. I guess I always imagine it as sort of mid-Europe on a large scale, never having been to Canada. I've seen lots of photos of countryside around Vancouver as I had a friend from there, but nothing else really apart from downtown Montreal (from my Lebanese contacts!)

Rima said...

We moved here about 4 years ago, after living in Quebec and also Manitoba in the last decade and a half.

Ontario (the province where we are now) is drop-dead beautiful, like so many parts of Canada. The Western part of the country, like British Columbia, is absolutely stunning - but it's just as beautiful and distinctive all over.

Ontario does have some really lovely spots, and great little urban hamlets tucked away everywhere. But Mississauga is not the prettiest suburb (yes, there is such a thing as a good-looking suburb) - urban design-wise. Plus we're living in a very new subdivision (for now), one of those necessary evils where the trees are still shorter than me, and the space around the tiny houses is laughably small for the blood ransom it costs to live here. On the other hand, it is very green all over, and there are beautiful and very accessible parks, and the countryside is just a few minutes away from where I live. It's also the best community I've ever lived in, bar none - in many ways. So much to do and see, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (we're often considered part of "Trawna", being the largest suburb).

But, but, but... Quebec has this unparalleled flair, such a distinctive identity (that probably comes from a sometimes insular culture) - particularly Montreal. I loved living there, and was very sorry to leave. Eh, c'est la vie, non?