Wondrous Imagination, Wonderful Image-ing

Diane has gotten us used to her cornucopia of creativity - but I was still startled at the beauty that she infused these images with, part of our Lily Pad "series".
Look at the energy in these two:

Dancing with the Lilies

Square Dancing Lilies
How delightful and appealing is this one below?
Lily in the rain
Finally, this awesome and very cool tryptich:

Lily at dusk
Lily at first light

Nightlights Lily

Last but not least, Audrey's delightful contribution is on her blog with explanations (click to see the larger image to fully appreciate the fine detail)
They're not up on the website just yet, but they will very soon be taking their rightful place in that mini-pantheon of imagination and creativity.

So, thanks everyone - it's been a wonderful first experiment. I know you've enjoyed this as much as I have because you've said so - so sharpen those ...uh... mice? and get ready for the next one. Coming soon to a computer screen near you...


dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

Thank you for your kind words about my images ... it's been fun playing with everyone!

I put explanations on my blog now (at least some explanations ..)

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

Rima you really reinvigorated all of us. What a great surprise to wake up this morning in see Diane's work "blooming".

Diane -- I love the free spirit of these pieces. Marvelous!!!

Neda said...

Oops. My last comment was truncated

Audrey, so glad to see that you joined in. Loved the color scheme.

Rima, can't wait, this way beyond fun!

Debi said...

Diane your lilies just cry out with joy and "I'm having fun!"

Audrey I love your subtle approach, delicate and powerful at the same time.

Rima, I read this post after I wrote mine, I swear. We both used the word "cornucopia" ...must be the feeling that is going around the blogosphere, this feeling of plenty and harvest.

Rima said...

Oh, I know you did Debi because I know when you were done posting this morning, haha! With the time-warp/time-zone-difference, I'm just an hour ahead of you, but 6 hours behind of Frances, and 7 for my prodigal sis. Prodigal? I have to look up what I really mean.

Neda said...

Too funny, Rima, if I am prodigal then you are prodigious!

Frances said...

Nothing left to say - but this has been so interesting and stimulating. I just ended up resisting. Each time I saw another image, I felt like going back and having another try, what a brilliant idea this was. Looking forward to the next.