Lily Pads, Takes 3 and 4

I'm working on a "wall" to put up all our different takes on the same image. It's fascinating to see what everyone "sees" in this. I'm having so much fun with this - still waiting for the others, but we did give ourselves a couple of weeks. Tick-tock, tick-tock... Oh, and we're allowed more than one entry.

Frances was the first to post hers, and she's come up with a very lovely result (see here - pay especially close attention to the title of her post, it is so perceptive and astute, and so profoundly true...). She's also listed her steps. Thanks, Frances.

Below are two more takes on the Lily Pad exercise - one by Neda (guess which one); the other by Fawzan with the very modest title of Modern Manet, but with no explanation. Still waiting - Let's hope they remember to post their work on their own blogs, and include some explanation for the rest of us mere mortals. What can I do, I share a gene pool with one and a mortgage with the other, eh...

Lily's Pad © N. Doany, 2007

Addendum: This is Neda's email this morning:

Here's my submission to you, o venerable one....oops, wrong email address..
Uhum.. here's my submission to the digital altered collage:

I used Dad's old laptop to do this project so I was limited in my choice of technical options (and I would not know where to start if I had a more sophisticated tool anyway). I used the archaic "Paint" program which is basically a glorified cut-and-paste software. Here are my steps:

- After scanning the lilypad picture, I traced certain elements (the flower and the delicate branches) and I cut them out and pasted them on a white background.

- I inverted the colors of the original image and cut out the branches and twigs which had turned into a mauvish hue.

- I then played around by laying the original and the negative cut-outs until I achieved a sort of a basic structure: the 2 flowers in the center and the branches.

--I noticed that the branches looked like little doggies (...)so I flipped" the left side of the design and I made it face leftward.

-- I cut out the flowers petals and I added them to the design. To me, they looked like pink leaves.

-- I cut out the flower pistils (sp?) as added decoration.

--- And I have to confess: I really did not write everything down so I am doing this list from memory. Sorry

Thank you for offering us this lovely project. I have to say that this is my first official digital entry and I am thrilled that you were my mentor :)

Modern Manet - © F. Barrage, 2007


Debi said...

OOOoo I can't wait to see them all together. That will be fun. And did I hear you say something about more challenges? I have really good feelings about this newest adventure.

Oh. Yeah. I know. I need to do mine. Don't want to be left out of the fun!

Neda said...
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Neda said...

Oops...I deleted my own comment!

Okay, here's my title (I stole it from you): "Lily's pad"