The Queen of Everything Sweet

My dear friend-niece-in-law Hala Beydoun, and the titular Queen based in Beirut (so far), has sent me this picture of how a teapot cake should actually look like. So, for your viewing pleasure and while waiting for her to finally launch the Cocoa&Co website (so we can ORDER her divine confections)... ta-daaaa!!


Debi said...

The whole spread is so beautiful. I've seen some posts of Hala's confections on your blog here before and am always amazed at her creations. The best of luck to her on her website launch! (I know you'll let us know when that happens.)

Frances said...

That is a grownup teapot cake - yours was more of a bunfight teapot cake.
What a clever lady Hala must be and patient as well.

dianeclancy said...


Wow - quite a spread! Can I come over?

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...


(WordNet - Cite This Source)


a grand formal party on an important occasion

WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.

hala said...

Actually, girls, that was for my daughter's 9th birthday. I prepared a "tea party" for her, with plastic china, costumes, hats, feathers and all!!!
You are ALL welcome to our next party, if u dare come to Beirut, that is.
Oh, and tks for the bunfight definition, Rima, my eternal tutor! mwah. H

Bobbie said...

What a beautiful cake and well executed. I can't wait for Hala's website to launch. I once dabbles in this noble craft...it is a great deal of work, but Hala makes it look easy!

Frances said...

Just to confuse matters :
Chambers 20th Century Dictionary:
bunfight / bun-fight (coll) a tea-party, a noisy occasion or assembly
Take your pic(k) tee hee

Frances said...

And to explain - in UK it really has the meaning I gave, but it is often used in an ironic, deflationary or self-deprecating way to refer to a very classy banquet. We Brits love such obfuscation.
;-) LOL