Here We Go! Our First Digital Altered Image Workshop

(I didn't want to mention Photoshop in the title, just in case you want to use another graphics program).

But here it is: A simple, but not too simple, image that we can use to flex our creativity muscles.

  • Copy the image or open it with your program (I'll be using Photoshop), and do something with it... anything goes.
  • I've left the image as is, it's large and has a high resolution, so feel free to alter the size as well to fit your needs and your computer's capabilities.
  • Most importantly, try to remember (or write down, Rima) the steps, so we can appreciate the final result even more. Minimum alteration: 4 steps!
  • Comments and critique are part of the deal - it will help us all get comfortable with this medium, and see things from different perspectives.
  • Post the results on your blog or send it to me at rima@marayagalleries.com and I'll post it here instead (or as well). It would be nice if we could put them all side by side on one page on the Gallery website too - let me know what you think.
  • Time frame? oh... about 2 1/2 weeks?
  • Good luck everyone ... and hey, let's be careful out there...


    Neda said...

    Too cool!!! I love to try this!!! Will it be okay to work with the basic "paint" tool available to me here?? I love the idea of a tutorial!! Great way to get out of the daily rut

    Rima said...

    Use any and all programs available to you - just keep track of the steps!

    Neda said...

    Hey Rima...do we have to use the whole image? Can we add different elements to it?

    Rima said...

    No and yes!

    More specifically: Anything goes - crop, reduce, enlarge, add elements, effects, anything you want.

    The idea is to use a graphics program to practice and become comfortable with.

    I chose this particular image because it's a good "canvas" - there's texture and form, and large areas that can be altered.

    I don't want to say more, because I don't want to influence the choices you'll be making.

    Frances said...

    thank you Rima
    This is so great.
    Will try it a little later today - not sure what's on the agenda apart from reviving the van - luckily this time one of the kids brought a Playstation, so less pressure on computer time... selfish woman, me.

    Debi said...

    I had to laugh...of course Neda would ask if she could add to it! The collagist ever and always.

    How stinkin' fun! Two and half weeks? I want to do it right this second! But, I guess it is a work day. I'll make myself wait until...tomorrow! ha

    Fun. Fun. Fun. Thanks, Rima

    Rima said...

    Well, I've already finished mine, but I don't want to seem too eager, so I'm leaving it for the weekend!

    Neda said...

    Rima, if we have 2 and half weeks, I will never finish it.I will agonize over it so I am going to try it right away. Great idea. Love the cacti too, Debi!

    Frances said...

    Wimmin are really really contrary - if you'd said get an image done today we would all have been too busy - tell us we have ages and we think 'Oh it's too exciting, must give it a try now'.

    dianeclancy said...

    I'm on board. I am in the process of downloading it ... but do I havta keep track of things??

    ~ Diane Clancy

    Bobbie said...

    Sorry to be so late responding. Of course I want to do it! I'm a little busy right now and so will be even slower than usual. Looks like fun!

    Sue O'Kieffe said...

    hey rima...i'm in!

    Rima said...

    Oh, me so happy - can't wait to see all of them