Who Let The Cat Out?

Fauve © R. Koleilat, 2007

I did actually. Then spent the whole night waking up and going downstairs to see if she'll come back in. She did, eventually - at 5:32 am but with such dramatic scorn, I almost felt guilty. What I did feel was groggy (and very resentful) this whole drizzly, grey, sticky day.
Thankfully, the house was full of kids so after throwing heaps of junk food at them to keep them occupied without me, I made this to reconcile myself with Blossom (who spent her whole day sleeping in my bedroom).
Funny thing is I didn't set out with this cat in mind, but as I finished and looked at it, I realized that it could only be about her, my little savage beast.


Bobbie said...

Beautiful, Rima. Yes I can see the cat-woman worrier in this image. I once had a cat that was gone for two weeks. I finally had a dream that the cat came back and "knocked" on the door and he had faded to white. I took this as a sign that he would never be back. But then, a few days later, he showed up and "knocked" on our front door just like my dream. He never went away again and lived to a ripe old age.

Debi Cates said...

I love the combination of the story with the photomontage/collage. Creativity is such a mystery that it's fascinating to see what sorts of things -- sleep-deprivation from the waiting for the cat to come back in -- can influence the process.

Your work wins my heart every time. You have wonderfully captured the complex attitude of this fauve, you groovy huntress you!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Rima,

This is a compelling collage. Great story too! How did you do this collage .. or do you not tell? I background keeps drawing me in ... I want to know what it is!!

thank you for sharing yourself.

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

Thanks, everyone! I was surprised myself at the connection that I made - but then all those years in expensive therapy do come in handy, hehe.

Diane, I've been in a pop-art, op-art obsession lately - must be some hankering back to my youth. I used one of those op-art designs with expanding squares(not copyrighted, ha!), and fiddled with it: changed the colours, the textures, used it as "wallpaper", cut and pasted, did some swirly-whirly things - but I have to admit that I don't take notes or keep good track of the steps. Which is really stupid, because I forget what I did every time and have to experiment again. I know that I like to use colours in low opacity, and I've used a lot of the filters and adjusted them too. Does that make sense? I love to share tips - I just have a hard time remembering the exact steps because I'm usually with one eye on the screen and another either on the kids or... on the kids. Man, I need to get a life.

Neda said...

RIMA!!!!!!!!!!! I am beside myself: this is gogeous and what's more: this art piece (yes) shows the real Rima I know and love and admire. You reminded me of the incredibly smart drawings you used to do when you were little.It is whimsical, witty, and very striking. NEVER STOP!!! You truly are the real artist in our family!

Frances said...

That is really really like the old psychedelic art I remember from my youth - it just captures that mood.
So great - so strong.

Nicole said...

Thank you for your comment!
Just visiting your blog, nice atmosphere here and lot of creativity!

Nicole said...

I forgot! I love Brigite Bardot and your illustration too!

Rima said...

Nicole! What a sharp eye you have!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Ahhhh I kept seeing some well known movie star in your image, but didn't quite see Bardot. Her eyes seemed more like Liz Taylor. But the op art background is so fitting for her and the entire piece is delightful! Oooh la la.
I was going to give you a bad time for not commenting when you come visit, but Im just as bad. However, I do like knowing that you are coming by. I appreciate your support. Speak up when you feel inspired!

belinha said...

Congrats Neda!!You will get my collage!:-) All you have to do is pick one!