I Won! I Won! I Won!

I won the lottery! No, not that one, silly!

I won a wonderful collage from Belinha's Papelustro site collection. Isn't that wonderful? If you are a faithful reader of this here blog, as well as my sister's, you'll recall that she talked about this giveaway in a comment. All we had to do was pick a favourite, and wait for the winner to be announced. And cara Belinha chose me! Yaay me! Yaay Belinha!

I'm so in love with her witty, whimsical, funny, cute, beautiful collages. It was really hard to pinpoint a favourite, but I'd always found myself drawn to "Pretty in Pink", and I hope to be able to share it with everyone here soon. In the meantime, you can admire Belinha's funky creations here.

To celebrate, let's share this calorie-free cake. (Yeah, it's kind of wonky and melty, and it didn't taste that good really, but the kids loved the teapot shape. And the Smarties.)


belinha said...

Oh, you're so funnY!I'm glad you´re happy to have it.As soon as I can i'll make a beautifull background for it.I'm thinking of having it printed in a canvas.I've seen it a lot lately and teh result is quite good.
Did you make the cake?What a funny shape.Yesterday I bought an ice-cream I used to buy when I was a child.Now they don't taste so good.I discovered why: they are using low fat milk to do it...yac!

Rima said...

I can't wait!
When making the cake, I rediscovered why it's not a good idea to improvise when baking... long story. Y&M helped decorate, and the rest of the kids at the birthday party had a blast decorating their own cupcakes with icing and sprinkles.
We have some really tasty ice-cream made with low-fat milk (they call it ice milk in the States) - you just have to find the right kind!

Francesca said...

What I cool cake! I once made one for my daughter in the shape of a pink dinosaur - she was obssessed at the time. I adore those curly candles, they're just too cute!
Congrats on your winnings, it's nice to win something, especially when it's something you want ;)

Frances said...

Yaaaaaay! congratulations.
I like that cake - I have seen worse - to the extent that one of my friends' darling little boy said to her 'Mummy when it's my birthday can we buy the cake and you not make it?' Children tell it like it is, so if they liked it it was okay. Anyway it was a teapot shape and pink, what more could you want to produce?

Rima said...

Love that little boy story!
I'm trying my hand at a swimming pool cake this weekend for the other one's party. Keep your fingers crossed...

Debi said...

Congratulations, Rima. How fun it will be to have one of Belinha's fabuloso collages.

The cake is stinking adorable!

dianeclancy said...

Congratulations, Rima!!

~ Diane Clancy

hala said...

Cool cake! I see I have a lot of competition at the other end of the world!!! Good on you, Ramroumeh! And a million happy birthdays to your girls. (I'm making their cakes next time!) mwah.

Bobbie said...

Oh you lucky, lucky woman! I've admired belinha's work for some time and now you have it for your very own. Won't it look great hanging on your wall? Love your cake, very creative. Yes, I've found baking to be very "persnickity"!

Neda said...

Okay: it's official! As your older sister, I am sooooo jealous!! No, seriously congrats to you! I love Belinha's work.

As far as the cake is concerned, I hope you kept me a piece! Yum!